Tiffany Stone round beads 9.5-11mm (ETB01538) Rare/Healing necklace/Vintage jewelry/Gemstone necklace


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Tiffany Stone round beads 9.5-11mm (ETB01538)
A: 9.5 - 10.5mm
B: 10 - 10.5mm
C: 10.5 - 11mm
D: 10.5mm  (Sold out)
-this is only an approximate
Length: 16 inches
Finishing : Polished

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Tiffany Stone is an opalite (common opal), and often has a soft rind. Fine quality tiffany stone has purple coloration and can even be a pure dark, translucent purple color.

Tiffany Stone comes from one locality in Utah.
The mine is no longer open for collecting and all of this beautiful material is now ground up for beryllium ore.

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