Green Serpentine corn shape beads 12-14mm (ETB01781) Unique jewelry/Vintage jewelry/Gemstone necklace


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Green Serpentine corn shape beads 13-15mm (ETB01781)
Size:  12x8 - 14x8mm (11 PCS)
- they can carry small variations.
Length: 16 inches
Finishing : Polished

{ D e s c r i p t i o n }
The name serpentine refers to a group of predominantly green minerals that occur in masses of small intergrown crystals. Some say this stone earned it's name from the word "serpent" as it's coloring resembles the skin of a snake.
It was in the 19th century that people became aware of the fire resistant nature of serpentine, as a result is was utilized in many materials and fabrics. According to legend, Romans used this stone as protection against sorcery and the dark arts. Vessels were made of serpentine, as they were said to shatter is they came into contact with poison. Therefore many ancients began using serpentine to craft drinking vessels.
In the ancient civilizations of America, serpentine was considered as a guardian of vital energy as well as a protector of the soul against invisible powers.
In the Middle Ages, serpentine was used to house medicine as it was told to increase the healing powers of the medicine and to make it last longer.

You will receive the same quality as you see in my pictures, I always send from the same batch. I will randomly select one strand. As the colour & size can vary slightly, please do not request for one particular strand. You can buy the whole batch to ensure you will get the best ones.

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