Pink Opal freeform pendant (ETP00307)


The best pink opals, however, are found in Peru. They are a beautiful pale pink color.

Pink opal vibrates at a more gentle frequency and this enhances its calming and soothing effect on the emotional body. It is well suited for very sensitive people, loving people, and people who are in need of healing the wounds of the heart and working with the heart chakra. Pink opal clears and calms the heart and brings a sense of love, peace, and tranquility to one’s aura. It can be used or worn to keep one’s connection to the angelic realms open and clear. Pink opal is a lovely stone for healing the emotions, especially those connected with subconsciously held pain.


Dimensions of beads:

A: 13x28.5x5 mm (Sold Out)
B: 15.5x21.5x8 mm
C: 18.5x23x8.5 mm
D: 16.5x24.5x6 mm
- this is only an approximate, the size varies slightly.

Finishing: Polished

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