Stichtite/ Atlantisite round beads 8-8.5mm (ETB01456)


Stichtite/ Atlantisite round beads 8-8.5mm (ETB01456)
-this is only an approximate, the size varies slightly.
Length: 16 inches   Finishing: Polished

Stichtite or Atlantisite

Stichtite in serpentine was first observed in about 1891 in the vicinity of the Adelaide mine, Dundas (east of Zeehan), stichtite is a rare magnesium/chromium/carbonate-hydroxide. The mineral was named stichtite after Robert Carl Sticht, an American-born industrialist and metallurgist who worked in Tasmania from 1897 until his death in 1922.

Today, stichtite has value as a gemstone and ornamental material; accordingly, it is mined in small amounts, and carved and polished into small figurines, spheres and other objects. It can also be seen in the West Coast Pioneers Museum in Zeehan.


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