Genuine Ruby Corundum 5.5-12mm faceted beads (ETB00920)



A ruby is a pink to blood-red colored gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminium oxide). The red color is caused mainly by the presence of the element chromium. Its name comes from ruber, Latin for red. Other varieties of gem-quality corundum are called sapphires. The ruby is considered one of the four precious stones, together with the sapphire, the emerald, and the diamond.

Prices of rubies are primarily determined by color. The brightest and most valuable "red" called pigeon blood-red, commands a large premium over other rubies of similar quality. After color follows clarity: similar to diamonds, a clear stone will command a premium, but a ruby without any needle-like rutile inclusions may indicate that the stone has been treated. Cut and carat (weight) are also an important factor in determining the price. [source: wikipedia]


Dimensions of beads:

smallest bead: 6.5 x 8.5 x 4.5 mm
the largest bead: 11 x 15 x 9 mm
Length: 7.5 inches

B:  (Sold out)
smallest bead: 5.5 x 9 x 4 mm
the largest bead: 11 x 15 x 6 mm
Length: 8.5 inches

- this is only an approximate, the size varies slightly.

Finishing: Polished

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