Natural Citrine Quartz 12mm round beads (ETB01186)


Citrine (pron.: /ˈsɪtriːn/) is a colour, the most common reference for which is certain coloured varieties of quartz which are a medium deep shade of golden yellow. Citrine has been summarized at various times as yellow, greenish-yellow, brownish yellow or orange.[3]
The original reference point for the citrine colour was the citron fruit. The first recorded use of citrine as a colour in English was in 1386.[4] It was borrowed from a medieval Latin and classical Latin word with the same meaning. In late medieval and early modern English the citrine colour-name was applied in a wider variety of contexts than it is today and could be "reddish or brownish yellow; or orange; or amber (distinguished from yellow)".[5] In today's English citrine as a colour is mostly confined to the contexts of (1) gemstones, including quartz, and (2) some animal and plant names. E.g., Motacilla citreola is the scientific Latin name for a certain wagtail bird that lives in Asia and has golden-yellow plumage and the bird may be called the "Citrine Wagtail" in English. (wikipedia)


Dimensions of beads:

Size: 12 mm (33-35 pcs)
- this is only an approximate, the size varies slightly.

Length: 16 inches

Finishing: Polished

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