Owyhee Blue Opal round beads 6-7mm (ETB01648) Unique jewelry/Vintage jewelry/Gemstone necklace


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Owyhee Blue Opal round beads 6-7mm (ETB01648)
- this is only an approximate, the size varies slightly.
Length: 16 inches Finishing: Polished

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Owyhee Blue Opal is from the Owyhee Mountains of Eastern Oregon.
The hardness is between 5.5 and 6.5 and is very durable.It is considered a “common opal” because it does not display any play of color (fire).
This opal takes a glassy polish.
The rich blue coloring is reminiscent of the finest Blue Chalcedony but with the translucence and golden highlights of Oregon Opals. When held to a light, even tumbled pieces of me have the wonderful glow of opal-essence.

You will receive the same quality as you see in my pictures, I always send from the same batch. I will randomly select one strand. As the colour & size can vary slightly, please do not request for one particular strand. You can buy the whole batch to ensure you will get the best ones.

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