Shiny polished Blue Moonstone 11-22mm faceted beads (ETB00449)


Blue Moonstone

Since earliest times, Moonstone has been a tangible connection to the magic of the moon - an amulet of protection for travelers, a gift of lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom. Our ties to the moon are strong. As it waxes and wanes in cyclic perfection, it creates the tides and rhythms of our mother, Earth, and influences our behaviors, emotions and spiritual growth. Moonstone calms and encourages, teaching us the natural rhythms of life.

Blue, or Cat's Eye Moonstone, promotes clarity of the mind and inner vision, keeping one focused while in a meditative or altered state of awareness. It is particularly helpful in seeing emotional patterns and life lessons, and in balancing yin and yang energies.


Dimensions of beads:

Size: 15.5 x 14.5 x 6.5 mm - the size varies slightly.

Length: 16 inches

Finishing: polished/ shiny

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