Shive Eye 14.5-17mm round disc beads (ETB00047)


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Shive Eye 14.5-17mm round disc beads (ETB00047)
Size: 14.5x14.5 - 17x17.5mm (round disc beads)
- the size varies slightly.
Length: 16 inches

Shiva Shell sometimes called Pacific Cat’s Eye have been believed to open the Third Eye Chakra which transform and mute negative energy. It is a stunning natural gem made of calcium carbonate and have brown and black band that are carved into the shape of the eye.

The operculum of a sea snail, Shiva shell is found in the South Seas north of Australia.

Shiva shell or Shiva Eye a protective covering at the orifice of the Turban snail shell symbolizes the creation, preservation and destruction of all from the flow of life, the constant change in the world, spiritual knowledge to creative visualization. Shiva Shell resonates with the third eye chakra.

You will receive the same quality as you see in my pictures, I always send from the same batch. I will randomly select one strand. As the colour & size can vary slightly, please do not request for one particular strand. You can buy the whole batch to ensure you will get the best ones.

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